How to Learn TOEFL Grammar Easily

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How to Learn TOEFL Grammar Easily
Many universities use TOEFL scores to fulfill the foreign language requirement for doctoral candidates whose first language is not English. In general, the same four language skills are tested in all TOEFL programs: listening, structure, writing and reading. In this book, the structure section has been considered. In this section, you will find two types of questions: incomplete sentences and sentences with underlined words and phrases. It consists of 21 sets and each set consists of different subsets with explanations (in English and Persian) and one or two tests which aim at practicing and reinforcing the material of subsets. Complete sets of standard tests will be available for you in the future book. For a student who is studying for over a month and needs some more substantial practice, this book can be the fastest way to get more high-quality practice material and good skill-building material. This book has almost everything a good self-study book should have: loads of material, easy-to-read explanations of strategy and step-by-step training exercises.

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