phonics 4(A) Activity BooK

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phonics 4(A) Activity BooK
phonics 4(A) Activity BooK  This activity book has prepared and accumulated by using the Jolly Phonics level 4(A) method for young learners. The focus of this book Is on teaching blending , reading , spelling & writing of the sounds ai, ay, a-e, j, oa, ow & o-e. It also contains plenty of different attractive pictures which absorb learners attention & encourage them to do the activities. Teachers guidance & parents encouragements could be so helpful to employ this books greatest advantage

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نویسنده : Soheila Pourarian
ناشر : جنگل، جاودانه
تاریخ چاپ : 1393
شابک : 9786003162372
نوبت چاپ : اول
قطع کتاب : رحلي
تعداد صفحات : 96
زبان کتاب : انگلیسی
قیمت : 6000 تومان
جلد کتاب : شوميز
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