Modernist Literature: 1890-1950

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Modernist Literature: 1890-1950
The period 1890 to 1950 is remarkable for radical innovation and literary development. This volume looks back to the origins of Modernism and the traditions that shaped it, examining texts from France, America, England and Ireland to provide a stimulating and original take on this unique movement in literary history. Combining textual analysis with key critical approaches, the book considers central texts such as Eliot’s The Waste Land, Joyces The Portrait of the Artist and Lawrences Women in Love alongside wider debates on Literature and War,Modernism, Music and the Visual Arts and Modernism and its Critics

مشخصات فنی Modernist Literature: 1890-1950

نویسنده : Gary Day
ناشر : Longman
تاریخ چاپ : 1393
شابک : 9781408204764
نوبت چاپ : اول
قطع کتاب : رقعی
تعداد صفحات : 352
زبان کتاب : انگلیسی
قیمت : 10000 تومان
جلد کتاب : شومیز
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